Our beloved Albatross that took us around the world!



Designer: Christoph Rassy & Olle Enderlein

Year built: 1988

Serial number: 206

Length: 42 ft (12.75 m)

Beam: 12 ft (3.72 m)

Depth: 6 ft (1.80 m)

Engine: Volvo Penta MD 40, 60 cr

Diesel: 395 l

Water tank: 725 l

Battery: 480 Ah

Mainsail: 35 m2

Genoa 1: 44 m2

Staysail: 26 m2

Mezzan: 12 m2

Spinnaker: 130 m2

Genacker: 120 m2

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Comments (8)

  1. Alan bell

    Hi there, I’ve just finished your book. One I found difficult to put down.
    Brilliantly written and a real heart warmer.
    I’m 49 and took up sailing 5 years ago. Purely flotilla to start with and last year got involved with some other crazy people and competed in the Rolex Fastnet race. Good times.
    Inspired me to do my day skipper and this year coastal skipper. Reading your story has now pushed me to do my yachtmaster and buy a boat of my own. We,, I say my own but my wife always is beside me. You have inspired me to push further into sailing and hopefully, one day, take a couple of years out and go and see the world.

    Thank you both, I consider you brave and certainly not stupid.

    All the best

    Skal for fan


  2. Yanne & Calle,

    My gal and I have enjoyed listening to the audiobook version of Brave or Stupid presented by 59 North. Thank you for the good times and laughs we’ve had listening to your adventure. We’re working on our boat – a bit of a refit – a 41 year old Ericson 39. We live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and while our plans don’t include a complete circumnavigation, we are planning to untie the lines and go south toward the Bahamas and points beyond – someday soon – hopefully sooner than later. Your story is inspirational, thanks again.

    Fair winds,
    Steve & Heidi

  3. Brave or Stupid by Tracey Christiansen, Yanne Larsson and Carl-Erik Andersson is a rich narration of how two best friends fulfilled their dream of sailing around the world.

  4. In “Brave or Stupid”, two middle-aged Swedish electricans are visiting D-Day beaches in France and start talking about a WWII vet that they know who has sailed around the world on a sailboat.

  5. Graeme

    I’ve really enjoyed this book. But we need a “what happened next”. How about some updates on this site?

    • Linus Alenvret

      Hi, better late than never =)

      These days you will find Yanne at the beautiful Bed and Breakfast place, Rue Galilee, with a top notch restaurant in Marseillan, south of France. Check out https://www.ruegalilee.com/ and come talk some circumnavigation sailing in person. =)

  6. Martin

    Interesting story.
    At the beginnning I though you would more irrationals. (Leaving few weeks after lerning sailing).
    But in the end, you did the right thing. Get a boat to learn, Do your class, sail some 5000nm…
    Set a date and after 5 year prepaation, set sails…
    I’m at chapter 20, and hurry to listen more. Do you have a map of your itinerary?


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